Hear ye! Hear ye!

All you talented female out there, Stephen Chow is looking for you. Yes, you.

In celebration of him turning 61 on 22 June, the comedy auteur took to his Instagram account to share the first draft of his new project, which he called, “Shaolin Women’s Soccer”.

He wrote, “Here is my birthday wish. To spend a good time with so many pretty girls (young, beautiful, smart, curvy, ATHLETIC). All countries are welcomed. The more the better! For those who are qualified, please send recent photos and detail info to mediacvinfo@gmail.com.”

He then added, “Photoshopped photo will never work. It will be condemned by us and by the United Nations.”

Many actors and social media influencers alike took to the comments to express their interest, from Malaysia’s Jenn Chia, Hong Kong’s Myolie Wu and Sharon Chan, to even actor Edison Chen, who jokingly posted, “CAN I BE ONE OF THE GIRLS???”

It is noted that “Shaolin Soccer”, which was released in 2001, was one of Stephen’s last acting projects before he went on to focus on directing (his last starring movie was 2008’s “CJ7”.) The movie stars Stephen himself as a master of Shaolin kungfu, who reunites with his five brothers to use their abilities to play soccer as a way to bring the arts to the masses.

Stephen Chow is looking to cast global actresses for “Shaolin Women Soccer”, celeb asia, stephen chow, theHive.Asia

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG)