After previous allegations about her extramarital affair, Japanese actress Ryoko Hirosue finally took to social media to admit to the affair.

The actress made the confession on Instagram, writing, “As it was reported in some weekly publications, my relationship with Mr. Toba is exactly as it was stated. More than anything, I am sorry to Mr. Toba’s family for causing them to feel sadness and pain.”

She also stated that she has spoken to her three kids and apologised, and that they acknowledged “their immature mother”.

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Ryoko and Shisaku Toba were seen together at a hotel last month

“I also wish to apologise to my fans for letting them down. I am so sorry, everybody. I will spend the rest of my life thinking about the reality that I have tarnished my acting career and hurting Mr. Toba’s family.”

Meanwhile, Ryoko’s agency FLaMme announced that the actress’ work will be suspended indefinitely.

It was last week that Ryoko was rumoured to be having an affair with Michelin chef, Shusaku Toba, after the two were seen checking into the same luxury hotel. Ryoko was seen leaving at 3am, followed by Shusaku later at 9. 336064581 736929384552660 586994823126032176 n 1080
The actress is married to candle maker Jun Izutsu

(Photo Source: Ryoko Hirosue IG, Jun Izutsu IG, Mingpao)