Ruby Lin recently admitted that she was surprised by the development of the sexual harassment allegations against fellow actor Chris Wang Yu-Sheng.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who has worked with Chris in the series, “The Arc of Life” before, couldn’t help but showed a shocked reaction when the media asked her to comment about the case.

Saying that the two are not that familiar with each other, Ruby said, “In the drama, he has more scenes with Ivy Chen. But there is no discomfort when it comes to our cooperation. I have never heard of such a thing before.”

When mentioned about the widespread #MeToo movement in Taiwan in recent years, with many people from the industry being outed by their victims, the actress stated that she has never faced such harassments at work.

“If something uncomfortable were to happen, I would never tolerate it. Everyone has the right to say no,” she said.

Chris Wang was recently accused by multiple women of sexually harassing them, including groping and forcefully kissing them in private. He had since taken to social media to apologise, indirectly admitting to the allegations.

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Chris Wang was accused of sexual harassments by multiple women

(Photo Source: Ruby Lin IG, Chris Wang Yu-Sheng FB)