There have been many female stars expressing interest in working with Stephen Chow ever since he announced his new project, but there is one that attracted everyone’s attention.

On 22 June, following the comedy auteur’s post about his new project called “Shaolin Women’s Soccer”, former footballer Zhao Lina posted a video, where she can be seen reading the post made by Stephen, and getting excited when she came to the part where the filmmaker had listed being “athletic” as a one of the requirements.

“Happy birthday to Sing Yeh,” she posted. “I will be the first one to sign up for a movie about women soccer. You see, I am qualified, can I fight for it?”

It is noted that Zhao Lina was previously the goalkeeper for the Chinese national team, as well as for the Shanghao Rural Commercial Bank. It was only April this year that she announced her retirement from football.

Her post immediately attracted the attention of many fans, with one saying, “I immediately thought of you when the news came out.”

Stephen later responded to her, writing, “With you in charge of this wave,” seemingly saying that there could be a possibility of that.

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Zhao Lina had been the goalkeeper for the Chinese national team

(Photo Source: Stephen Chow IG, Kwong Wah)