Rumours are rife that Ram Chiang is no longer with TVB.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the 61-year-old actor, who has been a favourite veteran for the station, was rumoured to have completed his contract with the company back in 2022 and decided not to renew the collaboration.

This was further fuelled by the absence of his name in the list of artistes posted on TVB’s official website.

Ram, who started his career in music, began participating in TVB dramas in 1993, with dramas such as “Come On, Cousin”, “Ghost of Relativity”, and “The Exorcist’s Meter”.

It is noted that his last dramas with TVB were “Big White Duel II”, as well as the upcoming “Narcotics Heroes”.

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Ram was last seen in ‘Big White Duel II’

(Photo Source: Ram Chiang FB, Oriental Daily)