Taiwanese entertainer NONO has released a short statement following multiple allegations of sexual harassments.

As reported on Mingpao, on 21 June, the actor posted his statement on his official Facebook account, saying, “I will stop performing arts work immediately, and sincerely reflect deeply.”

NONO’s announcement came following a press conference held by a social media influencer called Anisa, who revealed that she has 20 other women backing her previous allegations of sexual harassments, as they also experienced the same from NONO.

She also claimed that she has screenshots of private messages and recording files as proof of his wrongdoings.

Prior to the press conference, Anisa alleged that NONO forced himself on her in his car, but the actor denied it, saying that he did not remember her.

“I would be willing to admit if I did something wrong, but I can’t respond to things that I don’t remember,” he added.

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Social media influencer Anisa says she has various evidence of his misdeeds

(Photo Source: NONO FB, Mingpao)