If there is one advice Chinese songstress Na Ying would give to those who want to participate in the reality show, “Ride the Wind”, it would be, “Don’t.”

As reported on Oriental Daily, the singer recently shared her experience of being a part of season two of the show, back when it was called “Sisters Who Make Waves”, and told the guests of the reality show, “Back to Field” that it was one of the toughest reality shows she ever did.

She even asked guest and actress Zhou Xun if the show ever invited her to join the programme, but then immediately blurted, “You mustn’t go. You can’t. Really. It’s too scary.”

“From the moment I joined ‘Sisters’ to the present, the best show I have been a part of was ‘Infinity and Beyond’,” she said.

When told that she seemed to have lost a lot of weight while doing “Sisters”, Na Ying admitted and said, “I lost more than [10kg]. Think about it.”

In fact, it is noted that many stars admitted to have shed a lot of weight while doing the reality show, with the joke being that any celebrity who wants to slim down can do so by joining “Ride the Wind”.

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Na Ying lost 10kg while competing in the programme

(Photo Source: Na Ying Fanpage IG)