After refusing to comment on the sexual harassment allegations against Chris Wang earlier, TV personality Mickey Huang recently admitted that he, too, has committed the same wrongdoing.

On 19 June, Mickey uploaded three videos on his Facebook page, expressing his regrets about his past.

“Actually, I have been thinking about how to face all this. First of all, I must apologise, and I am sorry that I have failed many people’s trust and expectations. During this wave of incidents, I was also restless and felt very uncomfortable, but I must say that I have been working very hard to change myself when I met my wife, Summer, for almost 10 years. But many things have changed, it has already happened, and it is impossible to erase it.”

Mickey also stated that his unhealthy personality stemmed from when he saw his mother cheated on his father with other men when he was ten years old, adding that he would watch adult films and try to imitate their content ever since he was a student.

Mickey then stressed that Summer had never known about his past behaviour, reiterating that he has changed a lot since he met her.

In the video, he also apologised to his 1-year old daughter, writing, “You are still young, and you will not remember having this father, which is also very good. But I can’t have the chance to do it all over again. I deserve this.”

However, the posts were later deleted and his Facebook page was shut down an hour later. The Taipei City Fire Department also dispatched an ambulance soon after to send Mickey to a hospital following alleged self-inflicted injuries.

It was in the wee morning of 19 June that internet celebrity Zofia alleged that a celebrity had sexually harassed her in the past by forcibly kissing her and convinced her to pose for a topless photo, supposedly for an art exhibition, all when she was just 17.

While she didn’t mention who it was, the clues all led to Mickey by her description of the man being a TV host who has a newborn daughter and collect figurines.

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Mickey is married to Summer Meng and they have a daughter together

(Photo Source: Summer Meng IG)