MC Jin recently defended actress Nana Ouyang after she was criticised for her performance with him in the latest episode of “The Rap of China 2023”.

The rapper recently invited the cellist-turned-actress to perform with him in the sixth episode of the reality show, where Nana can be seen singing a part of the song “HipHopMan”, before going back to her cello to accompany MC Jin’s rap part.

However, netizens seemed unhappy with Nana’s performance, with some criticising her of not being able to sing well or match the rap well, and that she can only do “her old job” of playing the cello.

In response to the comments, MC Jin took to Weibo and posted, “It is definitely my honour to be able to cooperate with her on stage. Do you have any skill that can help you?”

Nana’s performance did not impress netizens

(Photo Source: SINA, MC Jin Weibo)