Mat Yeung recently admitted that his relationship with model-actress Lisa Ch’ng has become much more deepened ever since the DUI case that had eventually got him jailed for 18 days.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the actor revealed that Lisa was his biggest supporter throughout the ordeal, attending most of his court proceedings and even backing him amid the backlash.

“When I was in prison, my girlfriend alone bore attacks from netizens and had to face the media on her own. I am very grateful to her. For the past few years, I relied on Lisa’s support and encouragement and I will use the rest of my life to repay her,” he said.

Mat stated that following his release, he spent a lot of his time trying to reciprocate, including being there for her when her father’s health took a turn for the worse, to his eventual passing.

“I stayed with her all the time. It is always sad when a loved one dies. I have to take good care of her state of mind and emotions,” he said.

Asked if he ever thought about breaking up with Lisa, Mat said not a chance.

“I will look after her for as long as I live. Things would’ve been a lot harder without her,” he added.

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Mat says he is forever grateful to Lisa

(Photo Source: Lisa Ch’ng IG)