Mat Yeung has recently dismissed the notion that he received special treatment when he was previously jailed for 18 days over his DUI case.

In a recent interview with Mingpao, the TVB actor stated that unlike what many believed, everybody was very strict with him because of his status as an actor.

“If I had privileges, I would not have been transferred from the Lai Chi Kok Detention Centre to Stanley Prison where there are extremely serious offenders. At that time, there were many rumours [about the privilege] that it was ridiculous,” he said.

Asked whether he was ridiculed by other inmates at Stanley, Mat stated that there were those who would shout at him due to their conflicting political views. However, there were also friendly inmates who would encourage and motivate him.

After being imprisoned this time, the actor admitted that he realised that he should think twice before doing many things, and should not take things lightly. Accidents are imminent and unpredictable, so he should cherish the people and things in front of him.

“Cherish everything you have, don’t waste time. You don’t want to leave yourself with any regrets and pity, so you have to be careful,” he added.

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Mat is now back at work

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung IG)