With Louis Koo’s re-election as the chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, the actor-producer is continuing on with the success of the Federation’s funding project, “Keep Rolling Keep Running”.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, whose initiative enabled the productions of “The Remnant” and “The Sin of Unforgiveness” previously, revealed that the second edition of the programme will have the goal of funding four new projects instead of two.

Each selected movie, he said, will receive a maximum investment of HKD 4.2 million.

“Audiences have gradually returned to the cinemas last year and Hong Kong movies began to gain attention and support again. We still have a lot of young screenwriters, directors, actors and many more working tirelessly to realise their dreams, thus this time, we will choose four film projects that show uniqueness, creativity and a variety of genre,” he said.

Louis said that he hopes that the project will enable many young filmmakers to show off their talents to the world.

In addition to encouraging the new generation of filmmakers to actively create and explore new directions for Hong Kong-produced films, the “Keep Rolling Keep Running” programme also provides practical opportunities by creating more employment and practice in order to cultivate a new generation of filmmakers.

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The project also aims to create more employment

(Photo Source: Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers, Mingpao)