Lin Chi-Ling surprised many by revealing that she has no plans to go back to filming movies.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Taiwanese model-actress recently sat down for an interview with Kevin Tsai, where she spoke about her ideas of life, marriage, and being a mother.

Admitting that her physical strength has significantly weakened after giving birth to her son, Lin then revealed that her child has also become an opportunity for her to start from scratch.

When asked if she will return to acting again once her son is older, Lin said, “When he is old enough not to need me anymore, how old do you think he’d be? Then how old I am now? You can do the math to know the answer.”

Lin later said that she hopes to continue to be the Lin Chi-Ling in everyone’s hearts, and that people will still remember her black hair even when all of her hair turns white.

She also stated that she will only show up for charity related activities in the future, and no more events relating to beauty as she doesn’t need to put herself on another platform for anyone to make a comparison.

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The actress sat down for an interview with Kevin Tsai

(Photo Source: Lin Chi-Ling IG)