It was reported that Kento Nagayama is no longer starring in the upcoming Taiga drama, “Dear Shining Prince”, amid his arrest on suspicion of drug possession.

On 16 June, NHK revealed that Kento’s management agency has requested to withdraw the actor from the project, which would have him playing the role of Japanese noble Fujiwara no Takaie.

The drama stars Yuriko Yoshitaka in the lead, and depicts the life of Heian poet, Shikibu Murasaki. It has started filming last month, with Kento reportedly to join in the summer.

Meanwhile, WOWO also announced that it will replace three movies and one drama starring Kento from its roster.

On 16 June, Kento was arrested on suspicion of violating Japan’s Cannabis Control Law by possessing the drug at his apartment in Tokyo.

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The actor was arrested on 16 June

(Photo Source: Neo-Tokyo 2099, goo)