Jolin Tsai recently performed her song “Wxmenly” on the YouTube show, “The First Take”, and brought a fresh take to the originally more danceable number.

Sharing the experience on social media, Jolin shared a clip of the performance on Instagram, admitting that she was quite nervous when she went into the recording room, knowing full well that, just like the channel’s name, it was recorded on the “first take”.

“I felt my heart beating, and I don’t know why, I don’t know if it was excitement or nervousness, or maybe it was because I was in a closed room. It is rare to be watched by so many cameras. Because I usually have a lot of strange poses when recording, and the lighting is also dim, so it is quite an interesting experience,” she shared.

The song also had a new arrangement, which made it sound more “light and easy” than the original version.

Jolin was also asked about the biggest difference between performing live in concert and on the said show.

She said, “The biggest difference is that I can interact with the audience in my usual concerts, dance wildly, and control the distance of the microphone. Because there are many limitations in the recording studio, it is inevitable that there will be nervousness or fear of making mistakes. But this is also closer to my usual recording situation, that is, I can’t move too much, and try to enjoy interacting with myself in a small space.”

“Wxmenly” (aka “Rose Boy”) previously won Song of the Year at the 30th Golden Melody Awards, and was written by Jolin as a dedication to the late Yeh Yungchih, a boy who was bullied by schoolmates due to his non-conforming gender expression.

(Photo Source: Jolin Tsai IG)