Johnny Huang’s camp has recently denied allegations that the actor cheated and abused former partner Wang Yuxin.

As reported on Sohu, following recent allegations that surfaced five years after they ended their relationship that he secretly married and divorced Wang Yuxin, and that there was domestic violence involved, on 21 June, the actor’s studio posted a long statement denying all allegations.

“Regarding the rumours on the Internet, our studio makes the following statement:

1. Mr. Huang Jingyu and Ms. Wang Yuxin separated peacefully, and there were no online reports of “cheating”, “derailment” and “domestic violence”. They still get along as friends, and please don’t bother Ms. Wang Yuxin about this matter.

2. We would like to warn relevant entities to immediately delete and withdraw relevant false statements, and stop disseminating allegedly infringing content. Otherwise, our studio and Mr. Huang Jingyu will [take legal action].

3. I hope all netizens face the information on the Internet rationally, and don’t be misled by accounts with a marketing nature to spread obviously false statements. When carrying out any actions, we should respect the legal rights of others and abide by laws and regulations.”

Meanwhile, Wang Yuxin has also posted her own statement on Weibo, saying that none of her family members or assistants have ever spoken out against Johnny.

“We have always maintained a peaceful separation, easy to get together and easy to get along with each other. Please stop spreading false content,” she added.

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The two dated in the past

(Photo Source: Johnny Huang Fanpage IG, ET Today)