Denying a drug rumour is not enough for singer-songwriter Jam Hsiao, who decided to prove that he is as clean as it can be by subjecting himself to a drug test.

On 17 June, the singer’s studio posted the results of the drug tests on Weibo and wrote, “Our artiste Mr. Jam Hsiao firmly abides by the laws and regulations of the country, and is strict with himself. The internet is not free from the law, and our company has zero tolerance for online defamation and rumours!”

“After the defamation incident, our company promptly contacted the authoritative testing agency for a hair test, and the results showed that no drugs were detected. After discussing with the lawyer team, we decided to call the police. We hope that this online defamation will end here, and everyone can maintain the healthy and sound development of the network environment, and resolutely resist the spread of rumours and slander!”

Jam also reposted the test results, writing, “In order not to worry the people who love me, I did some tests. I hope you can rest assured that being a public figure, being questioned is normal.”

Rumours of drug use sparked last week, after netizens noticed that he was walking peculiarly during an appearance at Swiss luxury timepieces Audemars Piguet’s event that was held in Sanya.

Jam Hsiao shares drug test result to prove he is free from drugs, celeb asia, jam hsiao, theHive.Asia
The singer sparked drug rumours when he attended an event in Sanya

(Photo Source: Jam Hsiao Weibo)