Jacky Wu may take legal action after being dragged by Mickey Huang in the latter’s highly explosive confession videos.

As reported on Mingpao, Mickey, who posted the videos to confess to sexual harassment following allegations made by an internet influencer that he committed those actions towards her when she was 17, decided to bare all, accusing 18 other celebrities of misdeeds.

This included Jacky, of whom Mickey said has been with multiple women including a former assistant and actress Vicky Chen. He added that Jacky has been very bold in speaking up because he is the most influential host.

The TV host also said that Jacky even succeeded in winning a case against singer-songwriter R.chord Hsieh and made him pay for defamation after the latter accused the TV personality of predatory actions.

Speaking to the Taiwanese media last night, Jacky stressed that he has a good family and that his daughter came to visit him after the video was released and told him how proud she is of him.

“I will hand it over to the company,” he said, when asked if he will sue Mickey. “The law is ruthless.”

Jacky wants to sue Mickey

(Photo Source: ST News)