Ian Chan celebrated turning 30 recently not with a bang, but with a bed rest, after he was diagnosed with pharyngitis.

The MIRROR member, who attended a brand event recently after feeling much better, shared that he had the condition due to lack of rest, which was why he spent his birthday doing that instead.

“My dog was the happiest. Since I was sick, I had a lot of time to spend with it,” he said with a laugh.”

Asked if the company will rearrange his work so that he can have more rest, Ian said that he is confident that he won’t get sick again.

“I used to be an athlete and rarely got sick,” he said.

Meanwhile, the singer stated that he hopes to celebrate his birthday later on after missing out the first time, seeing that his mother’s birthday is also approaching, while also coinciding with Father’s Day.

Asked if he has prepared gifts for his parents, he said, “I will not reveal it for the time being. They follow my news very closely, so if I tell you, there won’t be a surprise.”

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The singer turned 30 on 9 June

(Photo Source: Ian Chan IG)