Hu Ge recently revealed that his role in the new movie, “All Ears” has helped him a lot in facing the reality of his mother’s passing.

The actor shared as much recently at the press conference for the new movie in Shanghai on 10 June, saying that he never had the courage to face the loss of his mother, who passed away back in 2019, until he played the character of Wen Shan in the movie.

“In the process of working on ‘All Ears’, Wen Shan healed and warmed me. I am lucky to meet this character,” he said.

In the movie, Hu Ge plays the character, a screenwriter who stumbled across the career of writing eulogies for a living. Having to meet with all kinds of ordinary people, Wen Shan comforts others, gains warmth, and finally finds his own direction in life.

It was back in September that Hu spoke about his mother, saying that she had struggled with breast cancer for many years.

“It was not easy. Her strength and open-mindedness have deeply affected me,” he said.

The new movie co-stars Leo Wu, Qi Xi, and Bai Ke.

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Hu Ge lost his mother in 2019

(Photo Source: Up Media, On CC)