Seven years after she first closed the comments section of her social media account, Uyghur actress Guli Nazha (real name Gülnezer Bextiyar) finally reopened it to interact with fans.

As reported on Sina, on 5 June, the actress took to Weibo to address her fans, writing, “It’s been 7 years in the blink of an eye, and what I couldn’t face before is nothing now. Thank you, Venus, for your support and encouragement over the years. I hope that we can accompany each other every day in the future, and that we can shine brightly in our respective life trajectories.”

“The comment area is open, let’s chat,” she added.

Fans expressed happiness over the fact, and some even suggested that Nazha files a lawsuit against anybody who posts false rumours about her again.

To that, she responded, “I used to face negative comments, and felt that once I closed it, I would be fine if I couldn’t see it. Now I’m fine, and the bad reviews won’t affect me anymore, nor will I. Let me fight internally, I’m not afraid anymore!”

The actress shut off the comments section of her Weibo many years ago amid backlash and allegations of her stealing then boyfriend Hans Zhang from Zheng Shuang, of whom the actor had been dating for five years before he started his relationship with Nazha. The two met while working together in 2014’s “The Classic of Mountains Seas”.

Nazha and Hans ended their relationship in October 2017

(Photo Source: Guli Nazha Weibo, SOHU)