After successfully avoiding it for the past three years, GEM revealed that she has finally fallen victim to COVID-19.

On 18 June, the Hong Kong singer took to Weibo to post a photo of her COVID test showing the positive result, and wrote, “Finally it’s my turn.”

“This is my first time. For the first time, within a few hours, my voice went from completely fine to not being able to make a sound at all. Every time I cough, it hurts my chest. The phlegm is also green,” she wrote.

GEM also revealed that she has a fever that makes it difficult for her to sleep, and that she kept waking up because of it.

“I have been drinking hot water, but I am still coughing all the time. So uncomfortable,” the singer lamented.

Fans took to the comments to send well wishes to the singer, asking her to take good care of herself and even share their own remedies.

One posted, “Take protective measures and don’t try to overwork your throat. You can rest for a while and drink plenty of hot water to get hot and go to bed.”

It was just a few days ago that the singer revealed that she will be releasing an album in Spanish called “Revelación”. 347295948 983756709284546 7507764961747317140 n 1080
GEM had been enjoying her time in Maldives prior to getting sick

(Photo Source: GEM IG)