A pair of lovebirds recently found themselves being bashed online, after deciding to take wedding photos during Mayday’s concert in Beijing.

In several photos and videos that have gone viral online, a man and a woman clad in their wedding attire can be seen rushing to the centre of the concert venue, held at the Bird’s Nest while the band was playing their highly requested song, “Fool”, and used the concert stage as the background for their wedding photos.

The audiences close to them can also be heard shouting “Kiss! Kiss!” to the ire of those who were there for the concert, seeing that it was the first time in four years since the Taiwanese band performed in Beijing.

It is noted that the song “Fool” has always been the performance that fans of the band would wait for, as lead singer Ashin would often share touching words in the middle of the song.

Following the concert, the woman in the photo shared the said images on social media, only to have it being slammed by a large number of netizens yet again.

The couple issued an apology on 29 May, and said that they have now deleted the photos.

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The couple said that they have deleted the photos from their social media

(Photo Source: Mayday IG, TVBS)