Amid the many allegations of misconduct in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, actor Chris Wu aka Wu Kang-Ren recently took to social media to express his thought about it.

Sharing a short clip of a static TV on his Facebook, the actor wrote, “Over the past few days, the muddy thoughts are probably like the pictures on TV… The signal is short-circuited… Maybe the magnetic field is too weak… We should care about it and discuss it hotly, but our focus on the event itself is limited, driven by curiosity, it is easy to get sidetracked, and gossip instead.”

Chris stated that he is worried that these issues will be forgotten later, when what one should be concerned is the situation of the victims.

“When will sex education be implemented? How to spread the courage to say no? The balance between public criticism and the rule of law, the distance between us and evil, how to heal the wound. When ‘metoo’ becomes ‘youtoo’, empathy becomes an urban legend that has nothing to do with us… It’s really a pity… It’s a pity for them who took the courage to share it,” he added.

He also added several hashtags that include “We should all work hard to reform for the one we love” and “We should all work hard and be brave for those who love us”.

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(Photo Source: Wu Kang Ren FB, UDN)