Chow Yun Fat recently admitted that the reason he chose “One More Chance” as his new movie was because he wanted to do a more emotional role.

The actor, who attended the promotional event of the new movie recently, shared that it has been a while since he did drama, and agreed to the role as soon as he realised that it will not be another action flick.

“In the 1970s and 1980s, I filmed a lot of dramas on TV and only took up action after filming “A Better Tomorrow”. In fact, I like dramas better and it makes me happier. I haven’t filmed such a project since “An Autumn’s Tale” and “All About Ah-Long”,” said the actor.

He also admitted that he even suffered a head injury while filming the movie.

“I went to the hospital and the wound required five stitches,” he added.

In “One More Chance”, the actor plays a reckless and irresponsible gambler who finds a way to connect with his autistic son. Directed by Anthony Pun from a script by Felix Chong, the movie co-stars Anita Yuen, Alex Fong, Liu Kai Chi, and Michael Ning among others.

Anita Yuen co-stars in Chow Yun Fat’s new drama

(Photo Source: HK01)