Brigitte Lin has been named one of the two recipients of Golden Horse’s Lifetime Achievement Awards this year.

The news was shared by the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Executive Committee, stating that Brigitte was chosen because of her “outstanding showmanship” that “cemented her unfaltering status as an icon and a legend”, according to Taipei Times.

They also added that it is also a fitting time to award “The Bride with White Hair” and “Chungking Express” actress with the accolade seeing that this year marks the 50th anniversary of her debut movie, “Outside the Window”.

Meanwhile, Brigitte, who received the good news, expressed, “Thank you very much to the Golden Horse Award for giving me the Lifetime Achievement Award, see you on the day of the ceremony on 25 November.”

Aside from Brigitte, the committee will also be honouring director and cinematographer Chen Kun-Hou, most known for his works on “Cheerful Wind” and “The Sandwich Man” among others.

Screenshot 2023 06 27 at 14 11 01 Ashes of Time 1994
The actress plays Yin Murong in ‘Ashes of Time’

(Photo Source: Brigitte Lin Weibo, IMDb)