His own past mistakes were not the only thing that Mickey Huang revealed in his videos that have now been taken down from Facebook, as the TV host has also accused Barbie Hsu and Dee Hsu of using drugs among others.

The host, who exposed 18 other celebrities in his video confession about past wrongdoings, attracted attention when he revealed that he was “traumatised” by the sisters’ drug abuse, and alleged that the two even pressured him to do drugs.

“They can deny the drug allegations all they want and remain popular for decades. Even when they were photographed by tabloids, they continued denying it,” he said, alleging that the sisters also brought him to a shop where they were doing drugs in Korea and that Barbie’s husband DJ Koo Jun-Yap was also there.

Following Mickey’s hospitalisation, Dee and Barbie posted on social networks denying drug involvement.

The sisters stated that they deeply regret the false drug-related allegations that Mickey made and that they would reserve the right of legal prosecution for all false accusations and defend their rights with the law.

The statement went on to say that Barbie has a heart disease and cannot at all be in contact with illegal drugs and that DJ Koo has already stated in past interviews that he is against drugs, and that people should stop linking him to substance abuse just because he works in clubs.

At the same time, the Hsu sisters asked Mickey to take care of his health and put his family first.

This is not the first time that the Hsu sisters were accused of using drugs. Barbie’s ex-husband Wang Xiaofei previously claimed that Barbie had been abusing banned prescription medication.

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Mickey Huang accuses the sisters of drug abuse

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu IG, Summer Meng IG)