Aaron Yan surprised many recently when he made an appearance at the press conference held by his former lover Yao Le.

As reported on Mingpao, the 37-year-old actor appeared at the press conference and stood in front of Yao Le, before bowing to him and saying his apology, while the 21-year-old put his head down, refusing to look at him.

When the media asked Aaron to face the camera and speak through the microphone, he told them that it was better to face Yao Le since the apology is for him.

“I wanted to sincerely say I am sorry for letting you face situations that you shouldn’t have to be in at your age. I am really sorry,” he then said.

Aaron denies he forced himself on Yao Le or forced him to do the sex tape
The actor decided to ambush the press conference and say sorry

Aaron then stated that he will let Yao Le say what is needed to be said, and that he will respond later. However, after Aaron left, the former also departed from the room briefly.

Soon after, Yao Le was asked if he accepted Aaron’s apology, to which he said, “I felt that his apology shouldn’t have come only after I revealed his actions.”

He also stated that he read the actor’s post following his own accusations on social media, and that Aaron’s words about changing himself over the past few years were confusing.

“I just think that apologising after everything was revealed is just insincere. There is no need for that at all,” he added.

Aaron’s action has also sparked criticism from netizens, who believed that such a behaviour would only affect Yao Le further. It is noted that Yao Le was only 17 when the two had a sexual relationship, while Aaron was in his 30s.

Yao Le refuses to accept the apology

(Photo Source: Mingpao, SINA, Line Today)