Aaron Yan has recently released a statement of apology, following an allegation made by a former lover on social media amid the ongoing #MeToo movement in Taiwan.

Earlier, a male Douyin influencer revealed that he dated the Taiwanese actor back when he was 17 and that they filmed a sex tape together which was leaked on the internet back in 2018, long after they broke up.

However, after he asked Aaron to handle the situation, the singer paid him off and asked him to keep quiet or he will send the mafia to deal with it.

Following the revelation, the actor took to social media to address it, thanking the influencer for speaking out and giving him the opportunity to “face the ticking time bomb” that he has been worried about.

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The allegation was made by an influencer on 20 June

Admitting that he is not good at handling relationships and breakups, Aaron then claimed that the two parties have actually been in contact with one another on and off, with the last time being September 2022, where he helped the other party promote an event.

“After my investigation at the time, the biggest possibility was it was leaked when I sent my phone to be repaired. For this reason, I also used my best ability at the time to ask a lawyer to assist in taking down the video,” he said.

Aaron said that he is willing to face the mistakes.

“This incident is the result of my own personal feelings. Once again, I would like to say sorry to everyone for setting the worst example. I used to be a very bad person, so I spent a lot of time seeking help and participating in various consultations and courses. I knew that I should face it and not escape it. Only by looking directly at my rotten inner body can the rotten flesh be removed, and only by facing my own distortions can I correct the distortions,” he posted.

Meanwhile, the other party is now saying that the apology is not enough and that he will be holding a press conference soon to address the matter.

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It seems that the matter of Aaron’s sexuality has been an open secret in the industry

(Photo Source: Aaron Yan IG, Yaole FB)