It was revealed that Yang Mi is now no longer with Jay Walk Studio, also known as Jiaxing Media.

As reported on NetEase, the actress shared the news via Weibo on 8 May, with a short message that read, “We share the past, and each has our own future.”

Her decision was also supported by good friend Wayne Zhang, who posted, “Good luck and go forward!”

It is noted that Yang Mi and Jay Walk Studio have a deep relationship, being one of the three shareholders aside from her two managers Zeng Jia and Zhao Ruoxiao.

Among other stars who are part of the studio are Dilraba Dilmurat, Leon Zhang, Vengo Gao, Bambi Zhu, and Sabrina Zhuang.

It can be said that as an artiste of Jay Walk, Yang Mi’s development has not only increased the popularity of the studio, but that her name is synonymous with the company.

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Yang Mi has been with Jay Walk Studio since 2012

(Photo Source: Yang Mi Weibo, Yang Mi IG)