After it was announced that Yang Mi has left Jay Walk Studio, the actress announced that she now has a new drama to be released soon.

On 16 May, the actress posted two posters of her new work, and wrote, “What can impress an actor should be a good script, a good role, a good partner, and a good team. The first task of an actor is character creation, each role has its own seat, and each role has a meaning of existence.”

The drama, “Harbin 1944” is about the puppet state of Manchukuo on the eve of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. It tells the story of Song Zhuowen, an intelligence officer of the Communist Party, who infiltrated into the Harbin Police Department’s Secret Service Division.

While Qin Hao plays Song Zhuowen, as well as another role of Song Zhuowu, Yang Mi will play the role of Guan Xue, who is the section chief of the Manchukuo Secret Service Department.

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Yang Mi has a new drama lined up

(Photo Source: Yang Mi Weibo)