Taiwanese singer-songwriter WeiBird will be co-hosting the upcoming 34th Golden Melody Awards for the first time.

As reported on Epoch Times, the singer, who spoke about the invitation to host alongside Chen Ming-Chu and Huang Wei-Jin (the two to host the red carpet), joked that the first thing he thought upon reception was that the GMA organiser must be mad to do so.

“But after thinking about it carefully and seeing how bold they are, I decided to give it a try,” he said.

Regarding the challenge of hosting a large-scale ceremony for the first time, WeiBird said, “The Golden Melody Award is of great significance to me. If there is anything I can contribute to Chinese music industry, I will do my best.”

He also plans to ask the senior hosts for advice.

At the same time, WeiBird admitted that he had dreamed of hosting, and never thought it would come true, adding, “Thank you GMA for giving me such an opportunity. Please wait and see.”

The upcoming awards will be held at the Taipei Arena on 1 July.

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WeiBird alongside Chen Ming-Chu and Huang Wei-Jin

(Photo Source: WeiBird IG)