Wang Yibo’s camp has recently slammed overzealous fans for harassing the star and his family.

As reported on Yule, in a statement released by Wang’s agency on 27 May, it is revealed that obsessed fans (most known by the Korean term sasaeng) have been harassing the Uniq member to the extent of affecting his personal life and work.

The statement explained that these fans would stay in the same or nearby hotels where Wang was working and hired multiple people to break into the crew, eventually affecting the schedule.

“They also went to the homes of Mr. Wang Yibo’s parents and friends many times to harass them, and besieging him in public. They repeatedly followed plans, chased cars, and provoked troubles in the cabin to disrupt public order,” the company stated.

They also stated that the aforementioned acts “have seriously crossed the company and Mr. Wang Yibo’s limits” and that they condemned these obsessed acts.

“Thank you for your attention and love for Mr. Wang Yibo. Let us work together to do more things that are positive to society,” the statement added.

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(Photo Source: Wang Yibo Weibo)