Wang Xiaofei seemed to have angered ex-wife Barbie Hsu yet again, after he decided to post photos of their two children on social media.

On 14 May, the mainland businessman took to his social media accounts to share several photos from his son Wang Hsi-Lin’s birthday, captioning it, “Happy birthday. Daddy will love you and protect you forever,” he posted.

Although he only showed photos of the backdrop on Weibo, it was revealed that he included a photo that showed both Hsi-Lin and daughter Hsi-Yueh’s faces on his Douyin account.

It is noted that both Wang and Barbie had previously agreed to not reveal their children’s faces on social media as they grow older in order to protect their privacy.

According to Taiwanese tabloids, the actress is planning to sue her ex-husband, saying that she has already asked her lawyers to take care of the matter.

This is not the first time that Wang jeopardised his own children’s privacy. Back in April, he shared on Weibo some photos of him waiting for his children to pick them up from school, and in doing so, exposed the school building for everybody to see.

Wang Xiaofei birthday backdrop 2
Wang Xiaofei birthday backdrop 3
Wang didn’t share the same photos on Weibo, revealing only the birthday party’s backdrop

(Photo Source: Wang Xiaofei Weibo)