Taiwan’s popular boy band W0LF(S) is coming to Malaysia.

The party of five, consisting of members Wayne Huang, Nine Chen, Lai, Qiu Fengzhe and SHOU, are set to perform on 15 July as part of their “Moon Landing” concert.

The upcoming show will be held at the Mega Star Arena, KL, with tickets to go on sale on 6 May.

The group, which was formed in 2019 as W0LF before reforming as W0LF(S) in 2020, first shared the good news of their coming to Malaysia back in March while performing in Hong Kong.

Ticket prices are divided into RM768, RM668, RM468 and RM 368, and all seats are numbered, with the tickets excluding the RM4 handling fee.

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The 5-member group is set to electrify KL this July

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)