Venus Wong was elated to find out that her acting senior Charmaine Sheh has sung praises for her as an actress.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who stars alongside Charmaine in the latter’s upcoming comeback TVB drama, “The Queen of News”, stated she is thankful to Charmaine for recognising her hard work.

“After receiving the script, I did a lot of homework because I knew I would be working with THE Charmaine Sheh. I was very nervous at first and did it with trepidation,” she said.

However, Venus stated that after the stressful first day, she was happy to learn that Charmaine loved her performance.

“Charmaine is very generous. No matter in acting or in real life, everybody is welcomed to ask her anything, so nobody felt like they can’t approach her,” she added.

Earlier, Charmaine picked Venus as the best performer among her junior actors, saying that she was moved by the actress’ performance.

“I even had a crush on her,” she said with a laugh.

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Venus and Charmaine work together in ‘The Queen of News’

(Photo Source: Venus Wong IG, Charmaine Sheh IG)