Eric Tsang recently revealed that TVB is planning to create a new music-related show in order to form its own super idol male group.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB Executive, who appeared at the press conference in TVB City recently, stated that the show, “Asia Super Young” is a collaboration between TVB and Canxing, the same mainland producers who brought “The Voice of China” and “Street Dance of China”.

“The show has already started recruitment and will pick competitors from Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and the mainland. Some have already been selected, but we’re still in the process of holding auditions,” he said.

Asked if there is an age limit, Eric said that they are mainly young men who must be good at singing, dancing, and have similar height.

“For the time being, there have been more than 30 people that have been auditioned, with four to five people recruited for the show,” he said.

Asked if they are trying to rival MIRROR, which was borne out of ViuTV’s 2018 show, “Good Night Show – King Maker”, Eric said that they’re different in a way that they are looking for talents not only from Hong Kong.

“We hope to form a team with members from different regions. This band will be managed by two companies in the future,” he said.

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Eric denies TVB tries to rival ViuTV’s MIRROR

(Photo Source: MIRROR IG, SCMP)