After much speculations, it was revealed that Tsui Hark’s new Jin Yong project “The Legend of Condor Heroes” will begin filming soon.

As reported on Sohu, on 7 May, the movie, “The Legend of Condor Heroes: The Great Hero” was officially announced, and the first concept poster was also released by China Film Co Ltd.

It also announced that actor Xiao Zhan (“The Untamed”, “The Wolf”) will be playing the role of the Northern Hero Guo Jing, while Sabrina Zhuang (“Miss Chun is a Litigator”) will play the female protagonist Huang Rong.

At present, apart from the announced posters and the information of the two leading actors, there is basically no other information.

It is noted that this has been Tsui Hark’s dream project for many years. The director previously stated that he had wanted to shoot the title as early as 1989 after he finished filming “Swordsman”, but was unable to do so due to copyright issues.

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Xiao Zhan and Sabrina Zhuang to play the leads in the new project

(Photo Source: SOHU, Xiao Zhan Fanpage IG, Sabrina Zhuang IG)