Rumour has it that the team of the long-delayed “The Golden Hairpin” is planning to replace lead actor Kris Wu via AI technology.

As reported on Epoch Times, sources are saying that the production company has reportedly invited Lin Gengxin to replace the fallen star in the lead and will be using technology to replace Kris’ features with Lin.

It was also rumoured that Lin has already signed on to the project, and that lead actress Yang Zi will be cooperating with the changes.

Lin Gengxin
Kris will reportedly be replaced by Lin Gengxin

The drama was originally slated to be released back in 2021, after it completed production in August 2020. However, unexpectedly in July 2021, Kris was accused of sexually assaulting multiple females by a 19-year-old named Du Meizhu.

Though he denied the allegations, the singer was sentenced to a total of 13 years in prison and deportation from China after serving his sentence. In addition, he was also fined an additional RMB 600 million for tax evasion.

The situation affected the drama as well, seeing that Kris plays the lead, with “The Golden Hairpin” having had to be shelved since then.

The production has yet to address the latest rumour.

YangZi 2 1
The drama also co-stars Yang Zi

(Photo Source: Yang Zi Weibo, Lin Gengxin Weibo, ET Today)