Sun Li recently assured that she is in the pink of health after fans previously speculated her of suffering from hyperthyroidism because of her big eyes.

Yes, you read that right.

In a recent interview with Kevin Tsai, the actress, known for hit dramas like “The Legend of Zhen Huan” and “The Legend of Miyue”, stated that netizens have been making comments about her big eyes, with some saying that her eyes were abnormally big, and that they suspected that she is suffering from hyperthyroidism.

Influenced by public opinion, Sun Li stated that she even asked her doctor friend if that was the case, to which the doctor responded, “Your eyes aren’t big only now. It’s been that way since you were a child.”

However, unsatisfied with the answer, the actress said that she went to a hospital for a thorough examination.

The result? Sun revealed to Kevin that she is free of the said disease.

“I’m glad I don’t have hyperthyroidism. And [the examination] is good for my health anyway,” she added.

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The actress with husband Deng Chao and their beautiful children

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily, SINA)