Although Qi Wei (also known as Stephy Qi) now has a complete family with the birth of her second child and first son, the actress recently revealed that she actually was pregnant during the period between the birth of daughter Lucky and son Seven.

The actress shared such news for the first time during an appearance on a variety show, saying that the pregnancy came at the right time for her and husband Lee Seung-Hyun, and that they were very happy.

However, the happiness didn’t last long as Stephy unfortunately had a miscarriage in month three of the pregnancy.

“I was really heartbroken about the loss and I couldn’t even bring myself out of the house. But my husband was always by my side and told me that as long as he is there, the baby will come back to us in a different way,” she said.

The actress admitted that she could still feel the pain of the loss even today.

In fact, Stephy admitted, her following pregnancy wasn’t smooth as well, and that she hardly got out of bed in the first ten days of the confinement.

The actress is now back to work after giving birth to her second child.

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Stephy is now mum to daughter Lucky and son Seven

(Photo Source: Stephy Qi Wei Weibo)