Will Stephen Chow ever return to the big screen as an actor?

According to friend and frequent collaborator Tin Kai Man, yes. Yes, he will.

Speaking in a recent interview in mainland China to promote a new movie recently, Tin stated that Stephen will be making his comeback at the age of 65.

It is noted that the director is currently 60.

“All of us who have worked with him will return to the team. Of course, it will be self-directed. Who else can shoot him now? Nobody except director Chow,” he added.

Tin stated that he knew Stephen has always wanted to make an acting comeback. However, he asked fans to not hope for the same kind of performance from the actor, who is not a young man anymore.

It is noted that Stephen’s last starring role was in the 2008 movie, “CJ7”. He went on to work behind the scenes since then, directing and producing several movies including the 2017’s “Journey to the West”.

Back in 2016, the director stated, when asked about acting again, “I am currently very focused on my job as a director. As a director, I actually act more than I did as an actor. The director plays every character, big and small, for the cast. But my flame for acting has never been extinguished!”

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Stephen was last seen in 2008’s ‘CJ7’

(Photo Source: Epoch Times, IMDb)