So Ching, a member of the Cantopop group COLLAR, has recently announced her departure from the group.

On 10 May, the singer, who is also the girlfriend of dancer Mo Li Kai Yin, who was severely injured in the accident that occurred at MIRROR’s concert back in July 2022, announced the news on social media, saying that she hasn’t recovered from the trauma of seeing what happened.

“Every moment of us going back and forth to the Emergency Room and the hospital has been branded in my heart, leaving indelible marks,” she wrote.

So Ching stated that she had experienced various mental and emotional turmoils over the past ten months, and that even though she has had performed since the tragedy, she still hasn’t fully recovered from it all.

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So Ching is still traumatised by the tragedy that befell Mo

“After much consideration and discussion with the company, I decided to quit COLLAR. The past was indeed not easy, but as a member of COLLAR, I will always feel your persistence, companionship, support and encouragement in different corners of my life. Whenever I think I don’t deserve all this, you use warm words and hugs to save me from sinking deeper. Maybe this decision has disappointed you. I am very sorry, but I hope you understand. The things that everyone is going through and the paths they are taking are not exactly the same. Perhaps without any worries, each other can continue to develop themselves more freely and hard in their own fields,” she expressed.

So Ching also stated that she doesn’t have any clear idea about her future, but that she would like to focus her attention to her physical and mental health.

“I would like to thank all units and members for their tolerance, acceptance, and respect for all my thoughts and decisions, and thank the company for giving me enough space to pursue what I want to do. Please allow me to express my apologies for not being able to meet you as a member of COLLAR again,” she added.

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So Ching had been a part of COLLAR since January 2022

(Photo Source: So Ching IG)