Newlywed couple Se7EN and Lee Da-Hae recently shared photos from their wedding for fans to see, after tying the knot in a private event back on 6 May.

On 7 May, the singer uploaded a number of pictures from their wedding at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul, and wrote, “The wedding ended well with great blessings. I sincerely thank everybody for their well-wishes.”

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Meanwhile, Da-Hae, who also posted some similar pictures as well as new photos that include a behind-the-scenes look of her preparing herself for the wedding, wrote, “I am really grateful and happy to be able to hold a wedding amid the blessings of many people. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the people who congratulated me and the guests who cried and laughed with me at the ceremony.”

“And I will not forget the effort of many people who worked hard for our wedding. Thank you again,” she added.

SE7EN and Da-Hae have been dating since 2015 and made their relationship public in 2016. On 20 March of this year, the two announced that they are tying the knot, though stated that it will be a private ceremony attended by only family members and relatives of both parties.

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(Photo Source: Lee Da-Hae IG, SE7EN IG)