Rosina Lam has no issue working with Raymond Lam in any TV or movie project, as long as they don’t play lovers.

As reported on Mingpao, the actress, who is Raymond’s cousin, stated that it would be weird for them to play a couple in any project, seeing that everybody knows about their familial connection.

But other than that, it’s fine, she said.

“It is up to the company to invite or arrange any collaboration. The most important thing is to see if he has time. We have never collaborated in the same drama before. We can play friends, siblings, enemies. I can even play his stepmother. These are all new challenges,” she said.

It is noted that Raymond has been focusing his TV career in mainland China for the past few years, especially after marrying model Carina Zhang in 2019. However, he did work in several Hong Kong movies in recent years, including “P Storm” and “Detective vs Sleuths”.

He is soon to be seen in the web series, “The Legends of Changing Destiny”, and to reprise his role as Ying Ching in the upcoming sci-fi action film, “Back to the Past”, a continuation of the hit TVB series, “A Step into the Past”.

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Raymond Lam (right) stars with Sean Lau in ‘Detective vs Sleuths’

(Photo Source: Rosina Lam IG, Raymond Lam IG)