Richie Jen was surprised and fans were impressed when a woman came to his recent show, revealing that she was saved by the singer 22 years ago.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the Taiwanese singer was in Shenyang on 28 May as part of his concert tour, when a young woman, who revealed that she is 23 years old, shared with the whole venue during the song request session that she has known Richie 22 years of her 23 years life, saying that he had hugged her when she was a child.

When the singer seemed confused, the woman revealed that she suffered from a congenital heart disease when she was one year old, but her parents were unable to seek medical treatment and surgery due to their financial difficulties. webp to jpg 4
Richie was surprised and delighted when the woman explained herself

However, they were able to do so after Richie donated almost USD10,000 to the cause.

She also brought some photos as proof that the two met 22 years ago.

The surprised Richie could only respond, “You have grown so big!”

In the end, the woman in question requested Richie to sing “Don’t Change”, saying that she hopes that the bond they have with each other as well as the great love in the world will not change.

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The singer has been busy with his concert tour

(Photo Source: Richie Jen IG, Oriental Daily)