Rena Matsui recently announced that she is now dating singer-songwriter, Akihisa Kondo.

The former SKE48 member shared the news on social media on 27 May, after it was reported in the tabloids that she and Akihisa are soon to be married.

Rena expressed, “Although there is no plan for marriage for now as written in the article, I am in a relationship with a good man who watches over me. We will continue to devote ourselves to our work, so please continue to support us.”

She also thanked the fans for their continuous support.

In previous articles, it was reported that Rena and Akihisa were planning on holding their wedding at Disneyland this summer. The two became close after co-starring on a show in 2017.

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Nope, no wedding just yet

(Photo Source: Rena Matsui IG, Akihisa Kondo IG)