Trot singer Haesoo has recently passed away.

The news was confirmed by her representative on 15 May, stating, “Haesoo was a warm person who was good at giving love to the people around her, share her love, and also receive it. Her family, acquaintances and colleagues are all mourning her with heavy hearts after being informed of the surprising news.”

The rep also added that the funeral will be held in private, and expressed hope that people will refrain from spreading speculations that could further affect the grieving family.

Earlier on 13 May, the police released a statement that they have found the lifeless body of a singer, though the identity was kept secret. There have been conflicting reports that the singer was found in her dorm or in a hotel room.

The police also revealed that the victim left a letter, and that there didn’t seem to be any criminal intent.

Haesoo made her debut as a trot singer in 2019, and released her solo album, “My Life, I Will”. She has also appeared in shows like “The Trot Show”, “AM Plaza” and “Immortal Song”.

She was 29.

(Photo Source: Soompi)