Great news MIRROR fans in Malaysia!

The four members of the 12-member group will be performing in Malaysia as part of the large-scale music festival One Love.

The news was announced by the four members themselves – Keung To, Anson Lo, Edan Lui and Jer Lau in a recent video, revealing that it would be the first time that they are to perform outside of China.

“This is a rare opportunity and also the first time we are meeting Malaysian fans. We hope we can leave a good impression on fans and other audiences,” the four said. webp to jpg
The four hope to include Malaysia in MIRROR’s upcoming tour

Asked what they have prepared for the Malaysian fans, the four stated that they have their own solo sessions that night, but that the biggest highlight would be their first performance as four members.

“We have always performed as a 12-member group. This is the rare time you see the combination of us four,” said Jer.

At the same time, Keung, Anson, Jer and Edan stated that they will be starting their tour in the second half of the year, with the hopes of including Malaysia as one of the stops.

The upcoming One Love Asia Festival will be held at Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon on 13 to 14 May, with the four members to perform on the latter date. Other performers who will be performing at the event include Pakho Chau, Show Lo, Weibird, Hebe Tien, Lala Hsu, and Yoga Lin. webp to jpg1