Dicky Cheung recently dismissed rumours that he is cheating on wife Jess Zhang, after he was spotted with a mystery woman earlier.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor was recently photographed at the Sai Kung pier along with a woman who was holding a daughter in her arms. The two were seen acting friendly towards each other, sparking speculations about his relationship with Jess.

However, Dicky immediately denied any wrongdoing, revealing that the said woman is the widow of the late filmmaker Wilson Chin, Calinda Chan. And that the girl seen with them is Wilson and Calinda’s daughter Abby.

“We have other friends too but they were busy and couldn’t come. I was good friends with Wilson and I knew his wife. Since he died, I sometimes called Calinda to help and encourage her to return to society,” he said.

The actor also stated that wife Jess is currently in Beijing and that she knew his whereabouts all the time.

“She knew I went to the pier with Calinda, Abby and the others. This is not a scandal at all,” he added.

Director Wilson Chin passed away in November 2020, two years since he began battling pancreatic cancer.

Dicky says wife Jess knows his whereabouts

(Photo Source: UDN, SINA)